Wolves In The Throne Room – Thrice Woven

Like ancient alchemists Wolves In The Throne Room experiment with primordial blackened elements and mythical concepts on the latest full length “Thrice Woven” which ultimately becomes an enigmatic entity that feeds off the dark energy of sounds and words.

Opening a mystical portal or the classic Pandora’s box “Born From The Serpent’s Eye” features the relentless asphyxiating dynamics of traditional black metal with the right dosage of tight guitar riffing, furiously blasting drums and distant fiery screams but this aspect never becomes overwhelming as the band intermittently chooses to focus on charismatic folk undertones channeling the energy of a forgotten magical forest with cathartic somber melodies enhanced by the dreamy chants performed by guest vocalist Anna von Hausswolff.

Ritualistic fires and thick mist hide unknown obscure creatures or something simply unnamable on “The Old Ones Are With Us” which stands out for the eerie chilling atmospheres as minimalist arpeggios and darkly dreamlike melodic guitars feel otherworldly intense. In general the wintry doom oriented approach, the hypnotizing atmospheric nuances and the highly heartfelt theatrical narratives/chants featuring Steve Von Till of Neurosis render this track absolutely fascinating and unforgettable.

Conceptually based on Norse mythology “Angrboda” is definitely a complex track where the tale of heartbreak and foreordained destruction is matched by a mixture of mysterious atmospheric keyboards layers and mournful slow melodic guitars that aptly evoke absolutely bleak winter landscapes and perennial obscure tonalities.

“Mother Owl, Father Ocean” is a full blown atmospheric track or simply a transcendent breakdown that emerges as an enticing spiritual piece with Anna’s ethereal vocal delivery and introduces the Cascadian black metal force of “Fires Roar In The Palace Of The Moon” which closes the album lost in an archaic realm of immense darkness with a no frills blackened guitar driven assault always embellished by grandiose yet intensely gloomy atmospheric & melodic segments.

Many will rejoice and inevitably feel attracted to the perilous power of the black metal brutal tunes that Wolves In The Throne Room return to fully embrace but “Thrice Woven” offers much more than that, as the band carefully crafts solemn ominous melodic textures and arcane atmospheres that render this album particularly intriguing.


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