Then Comes Silence – Blood

There might be a real goth rock revival going on this year and Swedish band Then Comes Silence joins the retro rollercoaster flirting with all things dark on the fourth full length “Blood”.

“The Dead Cry For No One” feels moody and extremely gloomy in proper goth fashion with spacey darkened guitar melodies that soon pick up a charming retro groove tied to an extremely catchy chorus. Immediately all these charismatic dark tonalities remind of many unforgettable ‘80s goth rock bands such as Joy Division and Sisters Of Mercy, yet Then Comes Silence does hold a personal identity.

“Strange Kicks” follows the same beloved music pathway packing all possible dark vibes in the groovy guitar riffs and drum beats further enhanced by vocalist/songwriter Alex Svenson’s charming vocal delivery.

“My Bones” feels cold and nightmarish with low whispered vocals and hypnotizing melodic guitars surrounded by absolutely entertaining spooky synth layers and the whole catchy dark rock galore prepares you for the last macabre dance party before a certain downfall.

The theatrical track “Choose Your Poison” will make you space out with an overload of trippy slow guitars and dreamy atmospheric arrangements in a love & death scenario.

“Good Friday’ continues to channel all the vintage goth elements we always loved and generates a steady melodic crescendo with attached profound atmospheric darkness and bittersweet danceable grooves.

“Warm Like Blood” offers loveable decadent atmospheric waves with the right dosage of gloomy romance and vocals acquire a surreal darkened energy in the chorus.

It would be really hard to resist the vintage goth rock / dark wave/post-punk flavors of “Blood” as every lascivious melody here is meant to spellbind the listeners and trap them forever in this darkened nostalgic limbo.

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