Montreal based trio BIG|BRAVE is ready to embark a new experimental journey on the latest effort “Ardor” which stands out for the elaborate rock dynamics and emotional waves.

Far from being categorized as music for the masses, “Sound” explores all kinds of music facets and atypical tempo variations often focusing on bold guitar riffs, drone textures and the fragile distorted beauty of violin. Like distant laments, vocals complement the post-rock main core channeling otherworldly soundscapes and instrumental passages evoke a somber introvert sonic realm.

On “Lull” the drone scenario is mixed with ethereal remnants of a forgotten melodic flow, vocals can become soft whispers or acute lamentations in the midst of gritty dissonant guitars, oscillating feedback and gloomy violins.

“Borer” delivers a wide range of surreal tonalities maintaining a traditional dirty rock distortion but flirting with dissonant textures that can even acquire a particularly heavy grave temperament surrounded by abstract atmospheric layers.

If you are looking for mind bending experimental music make sure to check out “Ardor” because BIG|BRAVE have perfected an unusual elegant approach in their continuous search for new unpredictable music styles.

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