Lord Of The Lost – Swan Songs II

Hamburg-based dark metal band Lord Of The Lost is proud to return to the music scene with the unique new album “Swan Songs II”, a symphonic music piece that offers a refined dark interpretation of classical music.

“Waiting For You To Die” features charismatic melodic textures that always bear a darkened even macabre mood with acoustic segments and melancholic strings but also a grandiose orchestration that gradually gains cinematic intensity.

“Lighthouse” amplifies a melancholic atmosphere with tranquil piano melodies while vocal delivery maintains soulful dark goth vibes accompanied by the soothing warmth of chamber orchestra arrangements.

“The Broken Ones” feels particularly dramatic following a theater piece structure with somber soft strings melodies bearing remarkable gothic accents and haunting atmospheric layers that at times emphasize bolder tonalities and sinister vocals.

“My Better Me” is an emotionally charged tune with sparkling dark romance tones embedded in the smooth dreamlike ensemble of piano and strings melodies.

“We Were Divine” starts with incredibly poignant fragile piano passages and the orchestral background provides classical grandeur as well as additional tragic atmospheres perfectly matched by low toned tormented vocals.

“From The Brink Of The Other World” shines for its inner absolutely gloomy charisma that evokes a distant gothic sonic realm elegantly embellished by delicate yet solemn orchestrations and exquisite violins.

On “Swan Songs II” you will not find heavy guitars or a standard metal/rock approach as Lord Of The Lost chooses to focus on ambitious operetta style orchestral arrangements which might sound too mellow to some stubborn listeners but certainly stand out as a mesmerizing theatrical experience to those who will keep an open mind.

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