The New Roses – One More For The Road

German hard rockers The New Roses certainly know how to entertain the audience with loud classic rock tunes that in the latest effort “One More For The Road” always showcase great chemistry and catchy progressions.

Channeling the unforgettable glorious days of hard rock “Quarter To Twelve” revolves around catchy no frills rock melodies which always bear the renowned dirty rock attitude with upbeat guitar driven rhythms and raspy vocals.

“My Own Worst Enemy” is all distorted and absolutely fun with a vintage guitar sound that contributes to successfully craft a winning series of wild rock riffs enhanced by proper rocker style rough vocal delivery and a cool guitar solo.

On “Forever Never Comes” guitars continue to channel the golden decades of hard rock adding an enjoyable southern rock touch and everything feels like the right music for an outdoor festival.

“Dancing On A Razorblade” has all kinds of gritty guitar riffs that never fail to produce plenty of easy bombastic grooves and without any hesitation vocals pay homage to many famous traditional rock vocalists.

“Every Wild Heart” becomes slightly sentimental as guitars favor a laid back southern rock mood while big choruses ensure a radio friendly impact.

“Fight You Leaving Me” is the must have rock ballad with loads of acoustic passages, a slower rhythm that focuses on more romantic atmospheres and mellower vocal delivery with a touch of country style.

On “Nitro Nights” galloping guitar riffs keep a tight upbeat rhythm that is meant for wild parties as the whole instrumentation builds addictive rock grooves full of adrenaline.

On “One More For The Road” The New Roses choose to stay true to traditional rock dynamics packing each song with a generous dose of melodic hooks and catchy grooves ultimately producing a widely accessible easy to love collection of songs.

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