Imperium Dekadenz – Into Sorrow Evermore

German black metal duo Imperium Dekadenz emerges from the Black Forest to spread infinite darkness through the frostbitten soundscapes of the new album “Into Sorrow Evermore”.
Within the pitchblack realm of the title track the classic tremolo-picked guitar work becomes the main focus well supported by the relentless drumming but mournful melodic phrases will flow naturally through such oppressive rhythmic patterns.
“Truth under Stars” immediately unleashes ferocious blast beats and the desperate growls enhance a blackened aura yet the slower guitar leads and the murky atmospheric accents convey harrowing emotions.
“Aurora” relies on the classical beauty of the piano to evoke an overwhelming melancholia and the resulting melodic motifs are further amplified by the gelid tonalities of the haunting guitar work.
The steady drums march and the harsh riffage of “Awakened beyond Dreams” bring back a traditional black metal inspiration but as the tempo drastically slows down the elegant arpeggios enhance a dramatic depth.
On “Memories… a Raging River” the fast ruthless riffs can easily build ferocious dynamics but during the woeful grand finale a gripping melodic essence comes to life through graceful guitars and immersive atmospheric arrangements.
Just like the title clearly suggests sorrow is the center theme of “Into Sorrow Evermore” as Imperium Dekadenz can effortlessly craft a majestic melodic gloom but still manifest strong black metal roots.

Katatonia – Sky Void Of Stars

Swedish masters of melancholic metal Katatonia are constantly embracing an artistic evolution that today generates the vivid soundscapes and the gloomy beauty of the highly anticipated new record “Sky Void Of Stars”
Throughout “Austerity” guitars can acquire heavier tones to create interesting proggy rhythmic patterns marching fiercely through a hazy atmospheric ensemble enhanced by sorrowful phrases and ultimately leading to a vibrant chorus.
“Opaline” puts the spotlight on the surreal yet comforting keyboard arrangements and the crispy guitar leads while the uplifting chorus emphasized by Jonas Renkse’s soulful voice instantly grabs your attention.
“Drab Moon” always evokes sheer melancholia through the sophisticated guitar melodies and the haunting vocal delivery embellished by moody atmospheric waves yet the impeccable rhythmic section can still build a crunchy momentum.
On “Impermanence” the exquisite melodic guitars seem to emerge from a distant dreamland conveying immense nostalgia and perfectly complement the bittersweet vocals courtesy of guest singer Joel Ekelöf of Soen before engaging in a charismatic solo.
“Atrium” marks another memorable moment as guitars effortlessly shift from eloquent melodic passages to super catchy rhythmic crescendos that can even reveal positive energy within the contemplative atmosphere.
“No Beacon To Illuminate Our Fall” perfectly represents the musical universe of the whole album as the composition emphasizes the emotive themes through wistful harmonies and somber atmospheric layers but also focuses on the prog inspiration of the convoluted rhythmic patterns and the consequent heavier guitar work.
The sonic realm of “Sky Void Of Stars” lies in between darkness & light where Katatonia can freely express emotional depth and craft refined melodic motifs without forgetting their strong doom metal roots.

Candlemass – Sweet Evil Sun

Grammy-nominated Swedish doom metal legends Candlemass triumphantly embrace the classic style of their early years throughout the smoky soundscapes of the highly anticipated new studio offering “Sweet Evil Sun”.
“Wizard Of The Vortex” opens the album in perfect epic doom fashion centered around the heavy weight of the guitar riffs enhanced by Johan Langquist’s imposing voice and ultimately reaches the acme with the somber melodic accents of the flamboyant solos.
The energetic title track relies on the impeccable rhythmic section to provide the ideal dosage of irresistible guitar driven grooves and the rising organs naturally add enigmatic tonalities.
Featuring a stunning vocal duet with Jennie-Ann Smith of Avatarium “When Death Sighs” consistently provides monolithic doom dynamics while the gloomy melodic essence of the chorus will instantly grab your attention.
The intricate track “Devil Voodoo” begins with cold melancholic arpeggios unfolding around a dramatic vocal delivery and inevitably leading to galloping guitar riffs and a majestic doom laden rhythmic ensemble.
On “Crucified” the theatrical grim vocals can definitely amplify a profound melancholia yet the mournful guitar melodies swiftly evolve into a colossal rhythmic rampage following the heavier drum blasts.
“Sweet Evil Sun” is bound to please the band’s faithful fanbase as Candlemass proudly return to their roots and after almost 40 years still have the passion and the ability to create a monumental collection of doom anthems.

Evergrey – A Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament)

Gothenburg’s prog metal masters Evergrey celebrate a remarkable career with the release of the thirteenth full-length “A Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament)” which naturally shifts from brilliant technical heavy elements to contemplative themes.
The majestic album opener “Save Us” relies on a heavy rhythmic rampage which definitely highlights the fundamental role of the precise drumming and the soaring riffs while the solemn atmospheric arrangements enhance Tom S. Englund’s charismatic vocal performance.
The elaborate cinematic approach of “Ominous” emphasizes the darkly alluring melodic essence embodied by the multiple stunning guitar solos flourishing through dreamy atmospheric waves.
Without any hesitation “The Orphean Testament” unleashes an overload of unrestrained guitar riffs to build memorable groovy dynamics while the polished progressions and the glowing vocals convey an immersive mood.
Throughout “The Great Unwashed” guitars are destined to captivate the listeners skillfully shifting from crunchy riffage to the luminous tonalities of the intricate solos surrounded by lavish ambiance layers.
On “Heartless” a fascinating combo of opulent keyboards and electro accents introduces a harsh rhythmic assault but later the wistful piano melodies accompanied by a poignant vocal delivery effortlessly create a dramatic depth.
“Wildfires” brings a cathartic closure with a minimalist approach as the deeply melancholic sonic palette focuses on graceful acoustic phrases and fervent vocals to express genuine feelings.
“A Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament)” definitely aims to impress the audience with impeccable musicianship and eloquent melodic tapestries as after over 25 years of existence Evergrey continue to demonstrate passion and creativity.

Agathodaimon – The Seven

After many years of silence, German dark metallers Agathodaimon make a triumphant comeback with the seventh studio album “The Seven” bound to please their faithful acolytes with a charismatic blend of sheer brutality and melodic elegance.
The aggressive album opener “La Haine” showcases a primordial blackened formula through the vitriolic mix of ravenous riffage and unrestrained drums yet the polished guitar melodies accompanied by soulful clean vocals instantly evoke an overwhelming melancholia.
“Wolf Within” immediately unleashes a solid series of groovy blackened dynamics easily enhanced by the hellish growls while the sophisticated atmospheric textures ultimately lead to a cathartic melodic momentum.
Featuring a malevolent vocal performance by former vocalist Romanian Vlad Dracul, “Mother of all Gods” offers a rather ominous approach as the relentless guitar riffs amplify a savage black metal inspiration while the lavish symphonic arrangements lead to softer poetic passages.
Within the darkened sonic realm of “In my Dreams (Part 2 – In Bitterness)” the rhythmic section engages in faster obscure dynamics yet the passionate clean vocals and the mournful guitar melodies emphasize a contemplative mood.
Drenched in darkness “Kyrie / Gloria” continues to rely on the successful combo of frostbitten rhythmic blasts and sorrowful melodic guitar progressions enriched by the solemn baritone vocal delivery and the opulent orchestrations.
The majestic final track “The Divine” highlights the role of the intricate symphonic tapestries and the poignant piano harmonies as everything becomes increasingly darker due to the crestfallen guitar tonalities that often morph into a harsh blackened rampage.
Symbolizing a true rebirth “The Seven” naturally shifts from a ferocious rhythmic assault to an fascinating dramatic depth as Agathodaimon look forward proudly manifesting an ex novo creative force.

Konvent – Call Down The Sun

Two years after a triumphant debut release Danish blackened death doom band Konvent is ready to conquer a wider audience with the fiery grooves and the perennial darkness of the sophomore record “Call Down The Sun”.
Funereal bells introduce the menacing world of “Into The Distance” which relies on the heavy weight of the monochromatic guitar riffs and the cavernous growls to build unstoppable harsh doom laden rhythmic patterns.
“Sand Is King” instantly evokes desolation and despair as the colossal guitar riffs and the hammering drums become the main focus generating a monolithic rhythmic ensemble in proper traditional doom fashion.
On “Grains” the mighty guitars can certainly unleash raw energy amplified by the ferocious screams cutting through the bleak atmosphere and the consequent ominous nuances are easily enhanced by the slower progressions.
“Fatamorgana” dwells within a harrowing sonic realm where everything feels inevitably hopeless due to the grim guitar tonalities and the hypnotizing riffage emphasized by the spine chilling chanting emerging from the darkest depths of an ancestral abyss.
“Harena” marks a grand finale being the most elaborate track with increased diversity as the classical elegance of spellbinding violin and cello harmonies create a gelid atmospheric gloom around the lugubrious rhythmic section.
Spreading undiluted darkness and sheer fury, Konvent proudly invoke the arcane forces of doom and death metal to deliver an overdose of obscure grooves throughout “Call Down The Sun”.

Oh Hiroshima – Myriad

Swedish post-rock band Oh Hiroshima creates an enchanting melodic grandeur evoking an overwhelming melancholia on the latest immersive record “Myriad”.
“Nour” opens the album with a captivating darkened atmosphere focusing on a modern post-rock approach that naturally leads to hazy melodic crescendos skillfully adorned by intricate keyboards layers and bittersweet vocal harmonies.
Within the kaleidoscopic atmosphere of “Veil Of Certainty” guitars focus on energetic rhythmic patterns and distorted textures without sacrificing the eloquent melodic essence and the consequent sorrowful feelings.
“Ascension” relies on the soft vocal delivery and the comforting slow burning guitar melodies carefully entwined with refined atmospheric arrangements that will reach the acme with a series of dreamy rhythmic crescendos.
Showcasing an opulent composition “Tundra” gently unfolds like a blurry beautiful daydream through the exquisite melodic progressions and the extensive shimmering atmospheric nuances ultimately conveying sadness and nostalgia.
The intense emotional depth of “Myriad” is bound to move the listeners as Oh Hiroshima confidently craft breathtaking atmospheric soundscapes and lavish melodic tapestries enhanced by an irresistible darkened flair.

Dagoba – By Night

Over the years French quartet Dagoba has been exploring diverse musical territories and the result of this artistic evolution today is embodied by the modern metal approach of the brand new record “By Night”.
“The Hunt” has a subtle dystopian feel successfully combining futuristic electro arrangements and frantic grooves amplified by the ferocious growls yet the polished guitar leads surrounded by cold atmospheric textures can express a somber melodic essence.
“Sunfall” can certainly deliver a massive harsh rhythmic rampage diligently fueled by the crunchy guitar riffs and the fast drum blasts but grim feelings are bound to emerge through the clean vocals and the luminous atmospheric accents.
“Bellflower Drive” marks an impactful moment as the whole rhythmic section confidently engages in aggressive patterns yet the chorus adds catchy vibes with soulful melodic nuances ultimately leading to a solemn atmospheric finale.
“City Lights” amplifies even more the catchiness with the winning combo of galactic electro layers and robust riffage yet the softer atmospheric passages convey a darker contemplative mood.
“Nightclub” features recurring glowing keyboards arrangements revealing a softer approach but the fiery drums often pick up speed releasing extra raw energy.
On “The Last Crossing” the band proudly showcases significantly heavier roots as the gritty guitar riffs and the visceral growls keep a steady groovy momentum that surely would trigger a moshpit.
As darkness inevitably lingers throughout “By Night” Dagoba are able to balance accessible melodic hooks and heavier dynamics that can definitely reach a wide audience.

Silent Skies – Nectar

Featuring vocalist of renowned progressive metal act Evergrey Tom S. Englund and pianist virtuoso Vikram Shankar, the ambient project Silent Skies aims to conquer your heart with the cinematic sophomore release “Nectar”.
“Fallen From Heart” opens the album putting the spotlight on Tom’s warm vocal delivery surrounded by a soft crispy atmosphere and magical cello harmonies courtesy of talented musician Raphael Weinroth-Browne.
“Taper” manifests a deeply melancholic spirit consequently the soothing piano melodies acquire somber tonalities flourishing within a fragile atmospheric ensemble.
“Let It Hurt” certainly relies on intense emotional themes as the passionate vocal performance perfectly complements the detailed mix of airy atmospheric tapestries and refined classical textures.
“Leaving” marks another poignant moment as the intricate keyboards layers craft opulent atmospheric crescendos embellished by the sublime cello melodies and an understated darkened flair.
On “Cold” delicate electro elements create quasi surreal soundscapes with a palpable wintry feel elegantly unraveling around the particularly fervent vocals.
“Closer” continues to intensify a poetic emotional approach as the eloquent vocals flow gracefully within the delightful atmospheric composition that often feels like a fading daydream.
Throughout “Nectar” Silent Skies showcases an evocative sonic vision focusing on the expression of vivid emotions and sophisticated arrangements destined to move the listeners.

Persefone – Metanoia

Founded in 2001 progressive/melodic death metal band Persefone embraces a remarkable evolution leading to the stylish blend of technical acrobatics and sophisticated melodies on the highly anticipated new record “Metanoia”.
“Katabasis” instantly showcases instrumental prowess putting the spotlight on the convoluted guitar progressions and the consequent eclectic prog dynamics seamlessly become entwined with the rather aggressive rhythmic blasts yet there are scattered calmer moments featuring somber piano harmonies.
“Architecture of the I” begins with crispy synth layers introducing a quite savage rhythmic rampage as the crunchy riffs march fiercely acquiring extra speed while the brighter tonalities of the intricate lead guitar work lead to an introspective atmospheric momentum.
On “Aware of Being Watched” ethereal vocal harmonies and futuristic synths feel like a pleasant daydream and the band certainly emphasizes the emotive themes through contemplative melodic tapestries yet there are plenty of twisted & heavier rhythmic patterns courtesy of the precise drumming and the virtuoso guitar style.
“Merkabah” manifests a soothing atmospheric approach embellished by the glowing guitar phrases and the softer vocal delivery in contrast with the striking technical nature of the frenetic rhythmic segments, the unrestrained riffage and the furious growls that can definitely channel an obscure death metal force.
The majestic lengthy track “Consciousness (Pt.3)” has a lot to offer symbolizing a cathartic journey as the melancholia infused cinematic intro gradually evolves into a melodic grandeur relying on the crystalline sound of the charismatic guitar leads enriched by sumptuous keyboards arrangements while the flawless rhythmic section focuses on a complex prog composition delivering the perfect dosage of harsh technical elements.
“Anabasis Pt2” unleashes a darker & ferocious assault as the faster roaring riffage leads the way through a feverish rhythmic maze yet the delightful slower passages surrounded by elegant atmospheric textures evoke genuine emotions and mystical vibes.
While Persefone is destined to impress the audience with outstanding musicianship the strength of “Metanoia” also comes from the immersive soundscapes characterized by modern electro accents and opulent atmospheric nuances.