New Language – Everybody Screams

There is a buzz around the young Los Angeles based band New Language and the freshly released  EP “Everybody Screams” celebrating the September residency at Los Angeles’ mainstay venue The Satellite  aims to gain more attention .

The title track features crunchy guitar riffing that doesn’t necessarily hold a constant particularly heavy nature as the melodic approach becomes more dominant following a modern rock formula. The overall mood tends to be sorrowful almost darkened but the guitar melodies and the clean vocals ensure an immediate catchiness.

“Show Me” follows a similar music pathway with occasional bold heavier sections that build a solid energetic groove but melodic guitars ultimately lead the scene with gloomy accents and growing alt-rock intensity.

“Out Of My Head” can be loud and wild offering another series of unstoppable easy grooves with loads of refreshing guitar hooks and radio friendly polished choruses.

New Language chooses an uncomplicated way to capture the listeners’ attention with an accessible alternative/modern heavy rock blend and “Everybody Screams” can acquire somber tones while keeping a catchy attitude.

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