Sleeping Romance – Alba

Among young emerging bands, Italian symphonic metal act Sleeping Romance has the opportunity to stand out with the sophomore release gracefully entitled “Alba” which confidently blends solemn orchestrations and the blasting force of classic power metal.

Starting with melancholic piano melodies “Where The Light Is Bleeding” proceeds with exceptional clarity through rather sumptuous orchestral layers and keeps a somber melodic core with simple crunchy guitar riffs, a lullaby style soft breakdown and a refined catchy chorus.

“Lost In My Eyes” offers modern symphonic flavors immediately reminiscent of other popular bands such as Epica and Within Temptation. This track mainly focuses on a widely accessible series of sparkling melodies built by smooth guitars and classical atmospheric arrangements inevitably enhanced by vocalist Federica Lanna’s soothing vocal delivery.

“Forgiveness” acquires darker atmospheric nuances but also holds a soulful mellow core that favors elegant melodic guitar work without sacrificing a stronger power metal riffage while Federica’s delicate vocals deliver a more sentimental mood.

Effortlessly shifting between darker atmospheric vibes and luminous moments, “My Temptation” crafts several bewitching melodic passages with the expected fair dosage of dazzling guitar tones, inspired orchestrations and melancholy infused vocals & operatic choirs.

The title track basically includes all the charming features that characterize the whole album as a subtly majestic symphonic mood is carefully embedded in the guitar work and orchestral layers while the guitar driven rhythm showcases neoclassical accents but also a fair modern catchiness.

“Alba” certainly follows the successful music formula of renowned symphonic female fronted bands without additional unique or innovative elements, nevertheless Sleeping Romance diligently performs each song with utter sincerity and attention for stylish details.

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