Evil Invaders – Feed Me Violence

Belgian metallers Evil Invaders proudly release the sophomore album “Feed Me Violence” which confidently proves to be more than just a revival sensation even if the main core features nostalgic anthems exceptionally executed in proper traditional speed metal style.

“Mental Penitentiary” is such a savage opener focusing on a well-structured tight fast paced rhythm and impressive musicianship clearly showcased in the complex guitar work and the incredibly entertaining riffs.

“Broken Dreams In Isolation” becomes more dramatic as enticing guitars successfully create lavish melodic textures while the variegated rhythmic section and the blistering screams maintain the expected bold thrash/speed patterns.

The title track is simply raw & heavy as guitar riffing and drum blasts follow a frenetic tempo while in the midst of such chaotic rhythmic intensity lead guitars repeatedly gain the deserved spotlight with enthralling creative solos.

“Oblivion” rightfully favors smooth melancholic moments with emotionally profound melodic guitars but also doesn’t hesitate to bring back sharp classic speed metal riffing galore following an intensely faster tempo to trigger immediate headbanging.

Showcasing truly mature musicianship and composition “Among The Depths Of Sanity” features stylish music diversity effortlessly shifting from dramatic atmospheric passages to an inflamed crescendo of massive guitar riffs and assertively unleashing a crushing thrash sonic assault let ultimately embellished by a charismatic shredding guitar solo.

Evil Invaders definitely have the ability to channel the golden days of speed/thrash metal and “Feed Me Violence” is filled with entertaining diversity but also stays true to the genre’s main elements with fierce thunderous strength.

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