Lisa Cuthbert – Hextapes

Vocalist/songwriter Lisa Cuthbert Initially released “Hextapes” via Bandcamp and as a limited-edition cassette but now this haunting album, an artsy blend of Celtic influences and drones, is available on vinyl.

“Killing Fields” is soft and dreamy as Lisa’s ethereal voice feels like a melancholic distant echo through enchanted desolate landscapes.

On “Under The Stars” gritty guitars add an edgy rock feel while Lisa’s bittersweet vocal performance confidently leads the listeners through hazy atmospheres and spacey melodies.

“Eye” features an obscure mood with bizarre modern electro effects and noisy drones which deliberately create a range of raw chaotic tonalities.

The heartwarming “Effigy” relies on tranquil melodies, minimal acoustic passages and wistful atmospheric layers that surround Lisa’s graceful voice.

Lisa Cuthbert focuses mainly on a sincere emotional vocal delivery and minimalist atmospheric nuances that render “Hextapes” a unique experimental rock piece.

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