Annihilator – For The Demented

Canadian metallers Annihilator are simply unstoppable holding a solid influential status in the metal scene since 1989 and writer/guitarist/vocalist Jeff Waters has joined forces with bassist Rich Hinks to deliver some new explosive thrash melodic anthems in the latest effort “For The Demented”.

“Twisted Lobotomy” is a quite energetic album opener that unleashes a fast borderline aggressive sonic assault with vibrant traditional thrash vibes skillfully embedded in the prominent thick guitar riffing and bass lines that relentlessly build moshpit friendly grooves rightfully followed by a majestic shredding galore.

It’s a creepy wonderland when the title track kicks in with sinister and melancholic feelings as loads of crispy melodic guitars introduce a more frenetic thrash infused rhythmic backbone yet the entertaining vocal delivery and the fierce guitar riffs hold absolutely catchy vibes.

“Pieces Of You” is almost a ballad since passionate vocals and sincere darkened melodic guitars take the center stage yet ‘this is not a love song’ even if the whole instrumentation concocts plenty of lovable harmonies and emotions.

“Phantom Asylum” acquires obscure atmospheres and aptly channels chaotic insanity through style/tempo variations shifting from proper thrash rhythmic dynamics to slower melodic moments evidently enhanced by another grandiose dosage of shredding guitars.

“Altering The Altar” features some subtle atmospheric arrangements but its rambunctious primordial core is unmistakable fueled by straightforward old school thrash groovy patterns amplified by impressive lead guitar work.

Overall, metal veterans Annihilator definitely demonstrate interesting songwriting ideas and a healthy creative force behind the conception of “For The Demented” and let’s not forget that is the 16th album in the career of such influential band.

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