Red Moon Architect – Return Of The Black Butterflies

Coming from Kouvola, the ‘largest lighted cemetery’ in Finland, funeral doom band Red Moon Architect depicts desolate soundscapes through the extremely melancholic music blend of the latest effort “Return Of The Black Butterflies”.

The album opens with the theatrical atmospheric intro “The Haunt” gently followed by the first track “Tormented” which introduces the chosen doom bleak themes that will recur in all the other songs. Additional depth is provided by Anni Viljanen’s luminous vocals gracefully floating through poetic melodic passages in contrast with the lugubrious growls and the heavier guitar riffing.

Like a hymn to all that is dark the title track features extreme funeral doom nuances with painfully slow cathartic distortions over subtle atmospheric layers soon followed by a cold mixture of mid paced guitar riffs and mournful melodies.

Probably the most complex track on the album “NDE” feels like the neverending darkness of long winter nights focusing on contemplative and depressing atmospheres that introduce heavier rhythmic sections bearing slow doom textures. Through the lingering dramatic arrangements and classical piano Anni’s elegant vocals evoke a profound melancholy effortlessly amplified by heartfelt melodic guitars.

Lovers of pure darkness and gloomy melodies will certainly feel drawn to the doom tonalities of “Return Of The Black Butterflies” as Red Moon Architect confidently create a harmonious darkened music piece.

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