Electric Wizard – Wizard Bloody Wizard

British doom masters Electric Wizard return with the uncompromising “Wizard Bloody Wizard” fueled by their renowned vintage rock blend and occult theatricals fearlessly deviating from the average modern metal approach to ensure a true raw sound for this collection of ‘hymns to death, drugs, sex and violence’.

The towering guitar riffs of the album opener “See You In Hell” definitely channel creepy retro doom vibes with the right dosage of heaviness and consequently a stomping worth rhythm stripped of unnecessary bombastic effects and instead fueled by monolithic tonalities and fuzzy guitar licks.

With some stoner vibes and a simply obsessive chorus “Necromania” keeps on dragging heavy rhythmic patterns that carry significant occult rock elements as retro fuzzy guitar riffs steadily contribute to evoke an ominous mood and add extra depth with groovy leads.

On “Hear The Sirens Scream” you can literally feel the mythological hypnotizing power of the sirens in the midst of this doom riffing loop that could just go on forever unchanged. It seems like there are no clear signs of enthusiasm or energy yet the intentionally unrefined gritty guitar riffs & solo and the genuine funeral boogie stripped of typical modern studio magic completely spellbind the listeners.

The doom wonderland of “Mourning Of The Magician” definitely showcases the expected overdose of recurring heavy guitar riffs creating a perilous loop that might trigger sudden dizziness as Electric Wizard’s signature music formula acquires a full blown psychedelic rock-esque aura resulting in a trippy sonic alchemy that will hypnotize any audience with massive slow burning rhythmic patterns. It must be noted that the extensive length of this track contributes to the creation of a magical black hole where charismatic guitars indisputably lead the scene crafting detailed melodies and delivering stoner rock feedback/effects to enrich the main heavy grooves.

The all –analogue recording drastically amplifies the exquisitely crushing vintage doom & rock mood that characterizes “Wizard Bloody Wizard” as, coming from a doomed alternative dimension, Electric Wizard deliberately returns to an authentic primal sound.

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