The Hirsch Effekt – Eskapist

German progressive band The Hirsch Effekt has released the rather complex new album “Eskapist” which is the result of a confident technical approach and a desire to explore multifaceted music styles.

“Lifnej” immediately challenges the average listener with an aggressive sonic rampage that bears dissonant tonalities in the complex guitar work which constantly  follows rather chaotic rhythmic patterns borrowing hardcore style fury and prog metal technical variety but also features some surprisingly calmer introspective moments.

On “Xenophotopia” the band continues an experimental voyage where guitars tend to display eclectic prog metal dynamics that naturally shift from overwhelming complexity to soothing melodic textures surrounded by peaceful atmospheric arrangements leading to a flamboyant polished solo.

“Natans” reprises that sense of harmonious peace with subtle atmospheric layers and emotive vocal delivery swiftly followed by lovely guitar progressions, this time characterized by luminous crispy tones, which continue to demonstrate the band’s technical talent.  Yet, staying true to a thirst for the unexpected, a change of scenario interrupts what was an apparent calm to give way to a series of tight harsh guitar riffing and faster rhythmic sections.

In the beginning “Berceuse” doesn’t necessarily try to surprise the audience as the band focuses on a catchy chorus and easier guitar melodies, still executed in prog metal fashion, that follow compelling tempo variations and syncopate rhythms.

With somber atmospheric nuances “Inukshuk” puts aside any major music experiment to focus on a softer often surreal melodic composition channeling an emotional sonic palette.

“Lysios” could be a stand-alone opus as it involves massive music variety and is also the darkest track on this album. The modern blend of obscure synths and crunchy guitar riffs & bass lines showcases a particularly heavy approach further enhanced by harsh vocals/screams and later hostile hardcore style rhythmic patterns are suddenly interrupted by an extravagant jazz intrusion that occasionally will continue to contaminate the whole aggressive metal momentum.

There is so much going on “Eskapist” in terms of both songwriting and style and undoubtedly The Hirsch Effekt showcases a high degree of creativity mixed to skilled musicianship resulting in a rather unique & edgy experimental music approach that fearlessly and deliberately pushes boundaries.

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