Nullingroots – Into The Grey

Since black metal and shoegaze inevitably combined, many bands emerged to embrace the niche yet trendy underground blackgaze subgenre and California based Nullingroots fully embrace this atmospheric style in the new album “Into The Grey”.

“Subsistence” immediately ensures a ravenous blackened assault that involves immensely somber nuances as guitars follow a fast riffing pattern but also focus greatly on bleak melodic layers that often slow down dramatically to depict cold melancholic soundscapes fully channeling the ethereal nature of shoegaze.

With such darkly poetic title “The Morning That Killed The World” does hold an apocalyptic tension as well as desolate atmospheric quality as tight guitar riffs draw inspiration from the ominous depths of traditional black metal supported by fast drumming fury yet manage to weave all kinds of melodic tapestries that actually feel much more interesting.

On the multifaceted title track minimalist melancholy infused harmonies introduce an aggressive rhythmic momentum skillfully built by unrestrained guitars and drums and amplified by growls filled of pure black metal obscurity until everything shifts to slower gloomy bleakness with elegantly emotive guitar phrases.

With “Into The Grey” Nullingroots mainly stay true to the blackgaze music formula successfully demonstrating the band’s ability to seamlessly blend a chaotic blackened sonic realm with refined shoegaze melodic depth.


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