Narcotic Wasteland – Delirium Tremens

Since Narcotic Wasteland is the full-time project of former Nile frontman Dallas Toler-Wade surely you can expect loads of infectious technical death metal grooves on the newest full length “Delirium Tremens”.

Brutally honest since the very beginning “Introspective Nightmares” is filled with insanely thick guitar riffs and drums creating a proper wall of sound breached only by fancy technical lead guitars.

“Faces Of Meth” is a headbanging wonderland as drums could not be faster and guitars are just relentlessly vicious rightfully accompanied by enraged growls and really you are not given a chance to breathe through this punishing metal galore until the arrival of the expected technical guitar solo.

“Bleed And Swell” keeps a brutal death metal core but introduces a highly somber mood always enhanced by noteworthy slower guitar leads that shine particularly for the gloomy melodic quality as well as stylish technical details.

The title track returns to a more primordial death metal sound with devastating guitar riffs and ferocious growls well supported by punishing drumming dynamics building a breakneck rhythm that will eventually give way to the fancy technical nature of another enthralling guitar solo.

There is no escape on “Husk” as according to modern death metal style the mind blowing tight guitar riffing follows an incredible speed until guitar leads bring some necessary slightly melodic technical variety.

“Pharma Culture” is definitely the most introspective track channeling darkened tonalities with great guitar work and more melodic progressions but still holds a quite anger driven essence.

Lyrically concerned about negative human behavior and drug addiction, “Delirium Tremens” can become a bit monotonous but successfully expresses wrath and spite through relentless death metal anthemic tunes.

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