Travelin Jack – Commencing Countdown

Berlin based rockers Travelin Jack don’t want to be considered a retro rock band despite clearly drawing inspiration from renowned ‘70s rock bands but regardless of obvious influences the latest release “Commencing Countdown” is undeniably packed with explosive hooks.

Listening to “Land Of The River” you know it’s time to put on your glittery makeup and platform boots as guided by Alia Spaceface’s charismatic voice the band confidently engages in groovy guitar driven rhythmic patterns which certainly hold a raw vintage sound and a detailed stylish vision.

“Metropolis” is all shimmering and loud as Alia again unleashes powerful vocals through bluesy rock melodic guitars and fun groovy dynamics that hold some funky vibes leading to a pleasant classic rock guitar solo.

The energetic “Cold Blood” continues to amplify a ‘70s rock essence as the guitar riffing diligently performed according to an upbeat rocker style culminates with a flamboyant guitar solo swiftly followed by a slightly contemplative/trippy breakdown.

Besides the usual retro rhythmic grooves “Galactic Blue” holds a subtle melancholy infused melodic core yet guitars keep a sharp bluesy rock attitude before reaching a deliberate spaced out momentum while Alia delivers another vibrant vocal performance.

On “Time” the band decides to slow down momentarily putting aside any major rock riffing galore as Alia steals the spotlight with passionate vocals soon followed by the familiar rock formula meant to create brighter and more vivacious grooves.

“Journey To The Moon” closes the album with sparkling catchiness as guitars & bass put together an exciting series of classic hard rock grooves calling for good times & party all night, an overall positive feeling particularly enhanced by a rather captivating guitar solo and Alia’s dazzling vocals.

On “Commencing Countdown” there is a lot of potential as Travelin Jack evokes in the right way all the melodic energy and the wicked rock approach typical of an unforgotten music era resulting in a quite entertaining collection of groovy songs.

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