Corrosion Of Conformity – No Cross No Crown

The core Corrosion Of Conformity trio of Woody Weatherman, Mike Dean and Reed Mullin has proven to be extremely passionate about music touring and composing hardcore albums but after 12 years a new record with vocalist/guitarist Pepper Keenan back in the band is an event that fans truly hoped for. With this reunion and the consequent explosive creative force, C.O.C. proves to be stronger than ever and perfectly capable of regaining the deserved influential status in the current music scene with the album “No Cross No Crown” which showcases the band’s signature southern rock style.

Faithful fans will recognize the band’s iconic style on “The Luddite” which hits you right in the face with extremely vibrant guitar riffs obviously supported by precise drumming and delightfully dynamic bass chords as the whole instrumentation is always channeling irresistible stoner doom flavors. Pepper Keenan on vocals never disappoints as he simply embodies the song’s raw intensity as well as a wide range of authentic emotions.

“Cast The First Stone” also has what it takes to become the next groovy hit as guitars follow a deliciously wild rhythmic pattern that can acquire a frenetic distorted attitude but certainly maintains a profound Southern essence that becomes even more palpable in the highly adrenalized guitar solo.

Nobody could ever doubt the rare genuine passion of “Wolf Named Crow” as an enthusiastic rhythmic backbone is filled with a memorable overdose of hypnotizing stoner doom dynamics naturally leading to impressive and exquisitely trippy guitar solos proving once again the unique talent of these musicians.

“Nothing Left To Say” simply flows like a harmonious dream, a recollection of pale memories, fully expressed by Pepper’s emotive vocal delivery and hazy Southern rock melodies that will eventually gain extra raw power as guitar riffs acquire bolder sludge elements following an ex novo catchy rhythmic urgency.

The title track basically feels like a spacey breakdown/interlude evoking darkened nuances with intriguing doom infused stylish guitar work featuring loads of lavish melodies and Pepper’s warm voice guides the listeners through a hypnotic melodic maze.

Some grinding heavy guitar riffing takes the lead on “A Quest To Believe (A Call To The Void)” as the rhythmic structure constantly channels a groovy stoner rock/doom sonic realm yet the charismatic lead guitar work engages in more trippy melodic concoctions filled with charming melancholic vibes.

On the cover of legendary Queen’s “Son And Daughter” everything gets deliciously fuzzy as thick slow burner riffs create an unrestrained addictive stoner rock groove with pleasant bluesy accents and the outstanding melodic guitar leads & solo always hold a heartfelt vintage quality that perfectly matches the hazy rock mood.

As if a dozen years did not pass by, the band’s chemistry is very evident in each song and C.O.C. proves to be absolutely relevant, actually essential,  in the current music scene as “No Cross No Crown” goes beyond any possible expectation holding a timeless rock charisma further amplified by the remarkable mature musicianship & songwriting.

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