Fear of Domination interview

Ph. Susanna Raitamaa

All of us know well how many great bands come from Finland, some of them are mad, mad as Fear of Domination.
After some line-up changes FoD is back more energetic than never, ready to show how to entertain the audience with their crazy performances and with new music.
We had the opportunity to have a chat with the new entry Sara and talk about their last single, the upcoming album, the tour with Pain and much more.

-Hey Sara, how are you doing?
I am doing fabulous! We are just on a tour with PAIN and last night at Klubi in Tampere was extremely good. Now we are heading to Kerubi in Joensuu.


-For whom don’t know Fear of Domination, would you mind introduce the band and give us some biographical hints?
Nowadays Fear of Domination aka “FoD” is a eight-piece alternative heavy metal act from Finland. We are proud of our energetic group which succees in impressive visual performances.
FoD is “all in” in every show and this has been the philosophy since 2006 when FoD was founded.
More details of FoD’s history you can find from our homepage.

-Your music is defined as shock metal, how so? Does it to do with your live shows?
This merit of being a “shock metal band” comes from the audience and media. It seems that we have made quite an impression with each album and every live show.
As said before, we are a very energetic band with good band c
hemistry and therefore a lot of unexpected things happen during the shows!


-Your new single “The Last Call” has just been released and it rocks! What can you tell about it? And can we expect a new album soon?
For me “The Last Call” is a very personal song. First time I heard the demo composition of our guitarist Johannes Niemi I was totally blown away by the song; The lyrics and melodies came out very fast and I made the demo vocals in my living room.
Of course we made some arrangements to fit Saku’s vocals into the song.
I am really happy that the guys gave me so much freedom in doing the song.
About rest of the album, I don’t have this much vocal parts and we’ve tried to share the vocals with Saku in a more balanced way.
About the upcoming album, it’s on its way, but the release date is still unknown. Nevertheless, it is coming and going to rock your socks off!

-Last year you have release your version of the famous hit from the Bloodhound Gang “The bad touch”, how did you come up with the idea to do a cover of this popular song from the late 90s?
Before I was in the band, the guys were pondering about that should they play a cover song or something. They don’t remember who came up with the idea of playing “The Bad Touch” but I got to say it is a perfect song for FoD!
Very sexually loaded piece that creates the right vibe for the band and the outcome of the cover was amazing.
It has been a pleasure to play it live! The crowd usually goes totally nuts when they hear it live.



-Now you’re touring with Pain around Finland and in May you will enjoy Amaranthe at their Baltic tour, how is going this tour? And what do you expect from the Baltic tour?
The tour with PAIN is going great! We have a nice chemistry on the tour with everybody. Hopefully we get to go on a tour with PAIN in Europe too.
About the tour with Amaranthe in the Baltics, we are very hyped! We get to meet a group of great artists and share the stage with them.
Besides we haven’t been touring in the Baltic countries that much, so hopefully we’ll reach new fans. And of course we’ll have a crazy good time while doing what we love the most!

-In 2015 you took part in the TV show “The Voice of Finland”, you were part of the team Michael Monroe, what do you remember from this experience? And how was to work with Michael?
It was a nice experience that taught me how the TV-shows are made in Finland.
Michael is a very nice man with a good attitude! All the best for him!

Sara Strömmer, Jaakko Heiska
Ph. Nelonenmedia

-What’s on plan for FoD in the future?
Music is the greatest motivator for everything we do. We have a very insane and creative band that is ready for everything!
We want to do music and live show, so that’s why we will never stop the madness!

-We have done with this interview, thank you so much for your time! Would you like to say something to our readers?
We are so grateful for your support! We wish to see you guys on the gigs and hopefully you will enjoy our upcoming album!

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