Insolvency – Antagonism Of The Soul

French metal band Insolvency put a lot of effort in the creation of the intensely energetic sonic assault on the debut release “Antagonism Of The Soul”.

“Tears Of The World” gets the listeners moving with a cohesive enraged rhythm as tight guitar riffs confidently march throughout the song and offer a solid support for more extravagant polished lead guitars and brighter melodies.

The title track still follows similar dynamics as lead guitars take the center stage offering diverse harmonies with pleasant technical accents particularly compelling in the flamboyant solos while the whole thunderous rhythmic ensemble eventually leads to soulful choruses and the atmospheric clarity of melancholic piano melodies.

In the beginning “Black Moon” focuses on somber atmospheric layers that introduce a darker instrumental ensemble where guitars naturally craft intricate catchy melodic textures and an absolutely compelling solo while screams diligently channel the raw energy of traditional metalcore surrounded by some heavy rhythmic dynamics.

“Your Lost Soul” consistently balances ferocious heavy rhythmic patterns and a luminous melodic essence as guitars once again create sophisticated melodic patterns & wild solos dwelling in a rather darkened sonic realm but at the same time contribute to build moshpit friendly heavier frenetic grooves.

The vibrant melodic guitar work on “Death wish” will certainly stand out through a series of steady crushing grooves and even if the song’s structure maintains a typical metalcore attitude interesting lead guitars and modern atmospheric layers continue to spice up this music formula.

“Antagonism Of The Soul” aims to please a select audience emphasizing a familiar metalcore pathway but Insolvency doesn’t refrain from deviating from the expected music style to showcase talented musicianship especially evident in the creative guitar work that undoubtedly renders the whole album more intriguing.

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