Legend Of The Seagullmen – Legend Of The Seagullmen

The new super-group Legend Of The Seagullmen will demand your full attention with the debut self-titled album. Featuring Danny Carey of Tool, Brent Hinds of Mastodon, director Jimmy Hayward (Jonah Hex, Horton Hears A Who) on guitar, and Pete Griffin of Zappa Plays Zappa and Dethklok on bass, Legend Of The Seagullmen aims to push music boundaries with a quite unique heavy nautical rock jam and massive epic vibes.

“We Are The Seagullmen” presents the album’s main oceanic & adventurous themes with mysterious atmospheres followed by a subtle melodic crescendo built by acidic tonalities and hazy instrumental passages that will lead to big choruses and sludge rock guitar work.

“Shipswreck” feels particularly entertaining with dominant darkened grooves that gain spooky intensity with a winning mix of harsh heavy guitar riffing and cinematic atmospheres that will ultimately lead to a charismatic guitar solo featuring raw rock energy & fancy shredding.

“Curse Of The red Tide” is a semi ballad where a sense of absolute melancholy permeates the easy acoustic melodies, solemn atmospheric arrangements and theatrical storytelling inspired by the mysterious beauty of the ocean but this track also offers a powerful series of heavy rock guitar driven grooves filled with gloom and sludge distorted dynamics followed by a wild rocking solo.

“The Orca” is filled with surreal nostalgia as slow lavish guitar melodies bearing a remarkable psychedelic aura introduce a profoundly somber scenario that continues to influence the entire instrumentation & vocals even when guitars occasionally acquire a stronger riffing punch.

“Ballad Of The Deep Sea Diver” feels like a spaghetti western soundtrack but it still deals with nautical storytelling. While the cinematic nature of this track is particularly palpable with slow burning melodies and background synth magic, lead guitars hold a crucial role delivering creative sparks with flamboyant solos followed by a majestic orchestral finale.

If you are looking for a maritime music adventure and a bit out of the ordinary metal release then you will have to check out Legend Of The Seagullmen as the band braves storms and encounters with mythological marine creatures to deliver this first cinematic creation.

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