Eye of Solitude/Marche Funébre – Eye of Solitude/Marche Funébre

The new split album featuring two lengthy tracks by England’s Eye of Solitude and Belgium’s Marche Funèbre perfectly represents two facets of sorrow and two sides of underground extreme doom metal.

On “Collapse” Eye Of Solitude dwells in an impossibly obscure sonic realm starting with surreal calm atmospheric soundscapes evoking a pale sense of serenity but also intense desolation. When heavy guitar riffs take the lead with grave tonalities you will recognize the painfully slow mournfulness typical of doom metal which is definitely amplified by deep growls while scattered melodic guitars seem to shimmer through the overwhelming darkness with understated elegance eventually leading to atmospheric moments of contemplative tranquility.

Marche Funèbre’s track “Darkness” stays true to its title as since the very beginning soft guitars & bass lines channel exquisitely darkened vibes enhanced by dramatic vocals. Soon rhythmic dynamics will acquire heavier gritty textures that still hold an inner melancholic melodic soul matched by a mix of raging growls and soulful clean vocals. As the song naturally evolves, guitars slow down significantly to evoke the slow burning heaviness and gloom of traditional doom metal before returning to a poetic ensemble of enchanting melodic arpeggios swiftly followed by a final crushing burst of faster & energetic grooves.

While what these two songs have in common certainly can be found in the darkest depths of traditional extreme doom metal, true lovers of this timeless genre will appreciate the diverse style approach offered of Eye Of Solitude and Marche Funèbre.

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