Eïs – Stillstand und Heimkehr

German atmospheric black metal act Eïs returns to spread pure melancholy with the cold poetry of the new EP “Stillstand und Heimkehr”.

“An den schwarz besandeten Gestaden” begins with the soft sound of waves and distant piano melodies channeling immense melancholia and sadness but within a peaceful scenario that will soon evolve into monumental icy raw guitar riffing executed in old school black metal fashion. Growls express desperate emotions matching the profound darkness that permeates the whole instrumentation until a pale light emerges in the slow contemplative breakdown filled with ethereal melodies.

On “Stillstand und Heimkehr” guitars still dwell in a realm of darkness but provide a quite catchy yet absolutely gloomy melodic ensemble that maintains a fascinating poetic mood until a heavier blackened shroud of frost takes over to deliver more obscure tonalities with faster drumming and feverish guitar riffs.

“Stillstand und Heimkehr” definitely stands out for the sincere intimate emotional quality that Eïs fully expresses through blasts of traditional undiluted black metal anger and darkened atmospheric nuances.

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