Wolves In The Throne Room Live In Chicago

Following the success of the latest album “Thrice Woven” Wolves In The Throne Room performed a blistering set at the Metro in Chicago during the 2018 Decibel Magazine Tour. Those familiar with the re-imagined black metal and mystical aura of this American band fully embraced the ceremonial prelude to the show where wood smoke filled the air to channel the right spiritual energy and introduce the audience to an arcane magical music experience. Keeping an hypnotizing ambiance background and a Cascadian atmospheric essence Wolves in The Throne room could not have sounded heavier with a furious blend of fierce growls and monumental blackened dynamics performing the new songs “Born From The Serpent’s Eye” “The Old Ones Are With Us” and “Angrboda” that were greatly appreciated by the audience. Check out the live action and catch Wolves In The Throne Room on tour across North America!

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