Cabal – Mark Of Rot

Hailing from Denmark emerging band Cabal is ready to conquer acolytes with the incredibly crushing debut full length “Mark Of Rot”.

“False Light” could not sound more oppressive with a hostile approach executed in deathcore style as crunchy guitar riffs call for immediate moshpit amplified by intensely dark atmospheric layers and fierce screams.

Featuring guest-vocalists CJ McMahon of Thy Art Is Murder “Nothingness” begins with arcane synths nuances that will introduce a series of punishing rhythmic patterns keeping a steady sense of oppression and infinite despair further enhanced by utterly furious vocals

“Whispers” continues to channel a profound darkness that gains intensity due to the bold brutality fiercely embedded in the merciless growls and the rhythmic backbone which features modern djent progressions and blurry ambiance breakdowns.

Featuring Filip Danielsson of Humanity’s Last Breath “The Darkest Embrace” offers an enigmatic darkened beginning before fully embracing the expected rhythmic fury that might seem unstoppable focusing almost exclusively on harsh guitar riffs while subtly grandiose synths in the background maintain a creepy atmosphere.

The title track represents a less predictable sonic endeavor as the whole instrumentation is constantly surrounded by massive ominous synths that will efficiently spread haunting sounds and evocative obscurity among the vicious guitar driven grooves providing extra depth and diverse perspectives.

Undoubtedly Cabal successfully maintains an uneasy brutal sonic assault from beginning to end but “Mark Of Rot” also surprises the listeners with the creation of avant-garde atmospheric soundscapes.

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