Thy Antichrist – Wrath Of The Beast

Since 1998 US based Black Metallers Thy Antichrist have worked hard to gain a solid status in the underground scene and they are now ready to conquer more fans with the blackened force of the new album “Wrath Of The Beast”.

“Desolation” begins with soulful melancholy perfectly expressed through Spanish style acoustic harmonies which almost serves as an introspective introduction for a burst of untamed blackened energy fueled by thick guitar riffs and punishing drums inevitably leading to a series of blasphemous grooves.

“Metal to The Bone” certainly dwells in the blackest depths with fierce & fast rhythmic patterns that at times feel absolutely oppressive together with utterly ominous growls yet guitar riffs tend to deviate from the typical black metal formula focusing on stomping thrash dynamics.

While the main core of “A World Burnt To Ashes” favors abundantly blackened nuances there are always elegant melodic lead guitars gaining the spotlight through the unstoppable rhythmic fury built by ferocious riffing & drumming and the soothing vibes of acoustic guitars will appear again in the final part of the song.

On “Nightmares” acoustic arpeggios return to evoke pure melancholy and undiluted darkness as the band introduces a more melodic approach effortlessly mixed with bolder rhythmic segments that continue to channel arcane black metal roots.

“Walking Through The Soul” feels quite accessible with its palpable melancholia deeply influencing every instrumental passage as tempo often slows down dramatically to favor a particularly darkened ensemble of guitar melodies and theatrically desperate growls.

The primordial obscurity of traditional black metal is very much alive on “Wrath Of The Beast” yet this album has a lot more to offer as Thy Antichrist are capable of fearlessly experimenting further with multifaceted styles rather than being another standard black metal act in the currently crowded metal scene.


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