Atala – Labyrinth of Ashmedai

In the subterranean metal scene California based sludge/doom metal trio Atala is already known for the chosen catchy & aggressive music pathway but the latest full length “Labyrinth of Ashmedai” certainly aims to conquer a wider audience.

Instant despair takes over the crunchy guitar riffs of “Grains of Sand” as Atala is clearly attempting to express profound emotions through heavy waves of sludge oriented rhythms and borderline furious vocals that contribute to confidently shape a rather oppressive soundscape.

“Tabernacle Of” immediately channels a desert session attitude featuring a quite spontaneous approach that certainly continues to favor the harsh depths of sludge metal yet the highlights of the song can be found in the rich textures crafted by darkly melodic guitars and emotive vocal delivery.

On “I Am Legion” there is a doom worshipping approach evident in the massive guitar riffs & drumming that can concoct steady thunderous patterns in typical sludge metal fashion while clean vocals tend to evoke an apparent serenity often interrupted by raspy screams.

“Infernal” is an absolutely monumental effort where the band chooses to experiment more with enigmatic atmospheric layers and desert doom aesthetics that naturally channel a darker mood while the instrumental passages do maintain a heavy core there is certainly a desire to create particularly hazy melodic  moments as lead guitars hold a prominent role.

Acolytes of sludge/doom metal will immediately recognize familiar dynamics on “Labyrinth of Ashmedai” as Atala successfully channel the cathartic force of such subgenre while building their own sonic identity.

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