Mile Marker Zero – The Fifth Row

The buzz around prog rockers Mile Marker Zero will be certainly amplified by the sophomore full-length concept album “The Fifth Row” lyrically inspired by how technology influenced our lives and filled with modern technical prog nuances.

The song’s structure of “2001” is definitely influenced by decades of prog rock/metal as the band offers a cohesive ensemble of groovy guitar riffs and catchy melodic textures with slick technical accents and tempo variations further embellished by fancy multifaceted guitar work and lovely retro keyboards.

With an intriguing blend of quite accessible bright melodies and powerful rock grooves “Digital Warrior” will immediate capture the listeners’ attention yet this track is also characterized by impressive technical complexity leading to multiple compelling style & tempo changes that will include a more aggressive guitar riffing as well as soothing piano pieces.

“The Architect” features a melodic rock fluidity that will appeal to a wide audience with pleasant vocal delivery and powerful guitar driven grooves but once again there is a lot going on here due to the constant charismatic guitar work and the surrounding understated beauty of melancholic atmospheric layers.

“Building a Machine” could not sound groovier with powerfully tight guitar riffs and a stylish background of futuristic synths well supported by a thick bass & drums combo while the experimental approach expressed by a brief contemplative dreamlike moment will be swiftly followed by interesting prog dynamics.

At times “Propaganda” might showcase a mainstream rock vibe with easy choruses nevertheless guitars often continue to impress with confident prog style prowess and the consequent dazzling intricate melodic textures of the solos marching through strong polychromatic rhythmic patterns.

“Age Of Jason” features absolutely fierce rhythmic dynamics as guitars acquire a bold prog metal attitude leading to big groovy riffs that will eventually give way to pleasantly melodic & luminous solos flowing through syncopated drum blasts and borderline chaotic modern synth layers.

“Collective” instead closes the album with a contemplative melodic approach where minimalist harmonies and soft heartfelt vocals acquire a prominent role accompanied by elegant ambiance style atmospheres evoking surreal soundscapes later interrupted by another round of noteworthy lavish guitar work focused on the creation of multiple memorable solos.

With the energetic rock essence of “The Fifth Row” Mile Marker Zero will inevitably impress the audience with talented musicianship and a refreshing creative force particularly evident in the cleverly variegated instrumental passages.


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