Glorior Belli – The Apostates

French black metal band Glorior Belli returns triumphantly with the latest effort “The Apostates” showcasing strong black metal roots leading to a traditional ferocious sound but there is much more to be discovered on this album.

Emerging from a familiar realm of darkness the primary guitar riffs of “Sui Generis” hold fiercely menacing tonalities as an ominous aura fills the atmosphere even when the rhythm section slows down with malignant groovy melodies and a sense of impending doom.

On “Deserters Of Eden” you can perceive a strong blackened essence as guitars & drums unravel thunderous fast dynamics accompanied by the expected dosage of furious growls yet the band will deliver also groovy guitar driven rock twists that certainly add diverse nuances to the primary heavier core.

The title track begins with enthralling guitar work focused on the creation of profound darkened melancholy but also loads of catchy rock grooves confidently embracing different styles to ultimately craft a refreshing music blend that cannot be unnoticed.

On “Jerkwater Redemption” there is no space for orthodox black metal rules as blackened rock grooves keep on rolling with catchy guitar riffs that effortlessly blend obscure tones further enhanced by diabolical growls and accessible rhythmic patterns.

To some “Rebel Reveries” might sound like a shot in the dark because Glorior Belli temporarily ditches the black metal obscurity to boldly embrace a soothing Southern rock melodic galore but it does make sense for a band that doesn’t care about pre-defined genres so there are also loads of sing along melodic hooks built over pleasant but still somber guitar harmonies.

“The Apostates” certainly revolves around a fair dosage of magnificent blackened essence but the true highlights of this work of music must be found in the inner sonic diversity that often channels catchy rock grooves as Glorior Belli demonstrates audacious creative force exploring classic rock territories.

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