Wyrmwoods – Earth Made Flesh

Hailing from Finland multi-instrumentalist Nuurag-Vaarn has released the first Wyrmwoods album entitled “Earth Made Flesh” which contains an eclectic blend of traditional black metal and multifaceted music styles.

“Break The Seal” begins with an old school black metal approach with tight guitar riffs and raucous growls yet the atmospheric arrangements will contribute to the creation of somber melodies that will eventually evolve into a less obscure and absolutely interesting jazzy moments.

There is so much happening on “The Greater Festival Of Masks” as in the midst of purely chaotic black metal compositions soothing melodies or wild synths arrangements emerge brightly bearing folkish elements and peaceful vibes before the rise of another blackened sonic storm.

Progressive vibes become palpable on “Primordial Waters/The Well Of Urth” where enigmatic guitar phrases and synths layers create a suspenseful mood with strong ambient textures but a violent burst of blackened chaos will take away the apparent peace with dissonant dynamics.

Certainly it’s always impressive to see a solo artist concoct complex and often avant-garde music and in the case of Wyrmwoods’s debut effort “Earth Made Flesh” there are enough rhythmic and style variations to intrigue the listeners.

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