Endless Forms Most Gruesome – Endless Forms Most Gruesome

Juuso Raatikainen of Swallow the Sun and Manne Ikonen of Ghost Brigade have joined forces to create the new intriguing music project Endless Forms Most Gruesome and the debut eponymous release promises a massive dosage of sludge/death metal grooves. 

“The Watchers” offers cohesive rounds of chunky guitar riffs and the consequent rhythmic dynamics often acquire extra heavy mournful sludge/doom elements emphasized by the venomous growls.  

There is a malevolent essence lingering throughout “A Thousand Years in Hell” with the increasing tension built by the impeccable rhythmic section and the dense atmospheric textures certainly amplify the expression of grave feelings. 

“Goat” creates an alluring melodic gloom with a dramatic clean vocal delivery and loads of lovely mournful guitar phrases that will ultimately embrace a darkly contemplative momentum yet the groovy sludgy spirit can often trigger monumental rhythmic crescendos. 

“Viral Bloodlust” is constantly fueled by a quite obscure energy that generates monolithic groovy guitar riffs with fuzzy tonalities so the sludge vibes feel quite dominant while the slower moments evoke a profound melancholia with delicious darkened guitar melodies. 

“Free Fall from Womb to Grave” manifests an intricate grand finale focusing on a poetic blend of subtle atmospheric tapestries and wistful guitar melodies that create a refined dreamy ensemble yet with an intense fuzzy energy the rhythmic section will still craft memorable riffage and savage drum blasts. 

Even if Endless Forms Most Gruesome just started their music journey you can easily perceive the talent and experienced musicianship that lead to the thrilling guitar driven grooves of their debut album. 

Nicumo – Inertia

Finnish band Nicumo spreads immense melancholy through the Nordic melodic soundscapes of the third full length “Inertia”. 

On “Three Pyres” the cold guitar tonalities and the passionate clean vocals immediately evoke grave feelings also enhanced by the understated atmospheric accents yet the robust guitar riffs generate an energetic momentum that highlights heavier melo-death influences. 

You can easily recognize a familiar Finnish metal style throughout “Dark Rivers” as guitars effortlessly shift from polished melodic phrases to galloping riffs maintaining a well balanced catchy rhythmic ensemble while the growls certainly amplify the darker vibes. 

“Mother And The Snake” begins with a perfect dosage of heartfelt vocal harmonies and sorrowful guitar melodies that will eventually give way to cohesive rounds of super groovy guitar riffs following a faster rhythmic rampage. 

Surrounded by an understated darkened atmosphere, “Time Won’t Heal” focuses on an emotive approach that intensifies the bittersweet melodic guitar progressions and the resulting profound melancholia is further enhanced by the soothing clean vocal delivery. 

The elegant nostalgic realm of “Black Wolf” relies on charming rounds of wistful arpeggios expressing forlorn feelings yet at times the rhythmic section will acquire enough speed and primal energy to deliver some significantly heavier dynamics. 

Undoubtedly “Inertia” feels like a lovely collection of catchy songs as Nicumo creates an alluring gothic tinged melodic ensemble that allows them to express a genuine emotional turmoil. 

Hedonihil – I

Hedonihil is a new thrilling project featuring the talent of Juuso Raatikainen, Mikko Kotamäki and Juho Räihä of beloved Finnish band Swallow The Sun and the result of their collaboration is the untamed sonic assault of the debut album “I”.

“Otherworldly Embrace” opens the album with a lugubrious atmosphere creating a suspenseful mood so you realize that something is about to happen and in fact violent death metal dynamics will be unleashed with undiluted fury through harsh guitar riffs and thunderous drums briefly interrupted by darkened harmonious phrases.

“The Hedonist Anthem” has an inner gloomy melodic soul courtesy of some alluring melancholic guitar melodies but also an utterly hostile sound that generates fast punishing rhythmic patterns further enhanced by merciless growls crawling out of a blackened abyss.

The creepy atmospheric arrangements of “Temple Of Venus” embellish the wrathful rhythmic core impeccably created by super fast drums and crushing guitar riffs but once again shimmering guitar melodies provide some stylish variations.

The misanthropic attitude of “Anti-Human Agenda” relies on another series of frenetic guitar riffs, major hellish growls and consequent menacing rhythmic blasts that call for instant headbanging and demand to be played loud.

The cold-blooded force of “Better Tomorrow” comes from the aggressive rhythmic dynamics as unstoppable guitars ensure solid mosh pit friendly grooves spiced up by some ominous atmospheric accents.

Hedonihil aim to deliver massive blackened death metal anthems and they absolutely succeed as all the tracks on “I” sound relentless, spontaneously brutal and full of negative vibes only demonstrating the eclectic musicianship of this brilliant trio.


Wyrmwoods – Earth Made Flesh

Hailing from Finland multi-instrumentalist Nuurag-Vaarn has released the first Wyrmwoods album entitled “Earth Made Flesh” which contains an eclectic blend of traditional black metal and multifaceted music styles.

“Break The Seal” begins with an old school black metal approach with tight guitar riffs and raucous growls yet the atmospheric arrangements will contribute to the creation of somber melodies that will eventually evolve into a less obscure and absolutely interesting jazzy moments.

There is so much happening on “The Greater Festival Of Masks” as in the midst of purely chaotic black metal compositions soothing melodies or wild synths arrangements emerge brightly bearing folkish elements and peaceful vibes before the rise of another blackened sonic storm.

Progressive vibes become palpable on “Primordial Waters/The Well Of Urth” where enigmatic guitar phrases and synths layers create a suspenseful mood with strong ambient textures but a violent burst of blackened chaos will take away the apparent peace with dissonant dynamics.

Certainly it’s always impressive to see a solo artist concoct complex and often avant-garde music and in the case of Wyrmwoods’s debut effort “Earth Made Flesh” there are enough rhythmic and style variations to intrigue the listeners.

Red Moon Architect – Return Of The Black Butterflies

Coming from Kouvola, the ‘largest lighted cemetery’ in Finland, funeral doom band Red Moon Architect depicts desolate soundscapes through the extremely melancholic music blend of the latest effort “Return Of The Black Butterflies”.

The album opens with the theatrical atmospheric intro “The Haunt” gently followed by the first track “Tormented” which introduces the chosen doom bleak themes that will recur in all the other songs. Additional depth is provided by Anni Viljanen’s luminous vocals gracefully floating through poetic melodic passages in contrast with the lugubrious growls and the heavier guitar riffing.

Like a hymn to all that is dark the title track features extreme funeral doom nuances with painfully slow cathartic distortions over subtle atmospheric layers soon followed by a cold mixture of mid paced guitar riffs and mournful melodies.

Probably the most complex track on the album “NDE” feels like the neverending darkness of long winter nights focusing on contemplative and depressing atmospheres that introduce heavier rhythmic sections bearing slow doom textures. Through the lingering dramatic arrangements and classical piano Anni’s elegant vocals evoke a profound melancholy effortlessly amplified by heartfelt melodic guitars.

Lovers of pure darkness and gloomy melodies will certainly feel drawn to the doom tonalities of “Return Of The Black Butterflies” as Red Moon Architect confidently create a harmonious darkened music piece.

Vorna- Ei valo minua seuraa

Vorna is a pagan metal band from Tampere, Finland. The band’s music has various influences from black metal to folk and rock. Lyrics are written in Finnish and often deal with themes like nature, myths and struggles of mind.
Their second full length, “Ei valo minua seuraa”, has been released on December 2015 via Inverse Records and it’s been a great surprise for me.
This album transports to another dimension, a journey into the deep immersed in the Finnish nature.
The first track “Harmaudesta” with its melancholy sound and the stunning contrast between musical base and voice catches you, and you want to listen it again and again.
One of the best songs from the album is “Jälkemme”,the particular intro remind of a whiff in glass bottles, the rhythm changes with a wild blastbeat and the guitar solo is sublime.
“Vaipunut” is a waterfall of peace and relax, the feeling to be in the middle of the forest is incredible. From the track “Yksin” has been released also a video-clip.
Keyboards create that magic atmosphere, the bass line is interesting, the guitars are just perfect, the drums runs wild with its blastbeat and the voice gives something of unique, the growl mixed with the the clean voice and the female choir, this is a must have album.
46 minutes of inspirational music, if you like bands like Amorphis and Norther you will love this band.