Crone – Godspeed

Hailing from Northern Germany dark rock band Crone led by the renowned talent of Secrets Of The Moon mastermind Phil ‘sG’ Jonas is ready to captivate the listeners with the first full length “Godspeed” conceptually based on real life tragedies and unfortunate demises.

“The Ptilonist” is filled with dreamy guitar melodies that definitely hold a crucial role in the song’s structure and are fully immersed in surreal and distant atmospheric layers reminiscent of shoegaze nuances but will occasionally acquire groovy rock energy while warm vocals evoke sincere emotions perfectly matching the highly contemplative and rather darkened melodic essence.

“Mother Crone” maintains a dark soundscape with scattered brighter moments but mainly relies on minimalist poetic melodies skillfully crafted by graceful guitars and poignant vocal delivery resulting in an enchanting series of melancholy infused soundscapes.

“Leviathan’s Lifework” becomes more epic with sumptuous atmospheric arrangements embracing a unique melodic crescendo and feverish rhythmic dynamics that will lead to the raw emotions of vocals and the sophisticated beauty of the guitar work which effortlessly shifts from darkly melancholic chords to irresistible flamboyant rock soloing.

Introduced by daydreaming vibes “H” will stand out for the addictive grooves where guitars channel the rebellious mood of ‘90s alt rock and proceed to create darkly wild rhythmic crescendos mixed to absolutely catchy melodic phrases, spacey atmospheric arrangements and passionate vocals.

The majestic title track belongs to a realm of shattered dreams and tragedies with intensely dark atmospheres recurring through the hypnotizing rhythmic maze as guitars confidently deliver moody melodies and energetic crunchy riffs until an enigmatic contemplative breakdown emerges with the ethereal elements of shoegaze and introduces a multifaceted enthralling melodic ensemble that evokes pure melancholy.

Needless to say we need more dark rock bands like Crone in the current music scene and through mysterious soundscapes and intriguing storytelling “Godspeed” will inevitably drag you into the labyrinthic darkened realm that you are destined to love.


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