Winterfylleth – The Hallowing Of Heirdom

This time British band Winterfylleth has decided to explore traditional English folk music to the fullest extent paying homage to Ancient Britain and the result is the poetic acoustic album “The Hallowing Of Heirdom”.  

“The Shepherd” sets the mood with archaic atmospheric chants that certainly scream folk at the very first listening and this mood is further amplified by a serene melancholic series of minimalist arpeggios joined by the pure melodic beauty of strings.

“Æcerbot” continues to channel peaceful yet strong emotions as smooth acoustic phrases, exquisitely elegant cello & violin melodies and solemn chants truly channel magical folk nuances.

“Elder Mother” could not sound more melancholic with stripped down acoustic tonalities embellished by graceful violin leads that create another surreal atmospheric experience.

The calm tonalities of “Embers” feel extremely somber favoring again enchanting acoustic guitars floating through sober atmospheric layers.

“Latch To A Grave” is made of pure melancholy with subtle otherworldly darkened strings arrangements and lavish acoustic passages resulting in a highly cinematic music piece with enticing spiritual vibes.

Surrounded by luminous atmospheres “The Nymph” is filled with theatrical flavors with soft spoken words, inspired choral harmonies and the vibrant instrumental passages featuring violins and acoustic guitars.

The title track feels particularly mournful with hazy atmospheres and super slow acoustic guitars constantly enriched by the classical splendor of violin & cello and a solemn choral crescendo.

“The Hallowing Of Heirdom” will definitely stand out for the exceptionally delicate melodies that always evoke melancholic yet opulent soundscapes as Winterfylleth draws inspiration from ancient folklore and pastoral poetry to create a heartfelt collection of songs.

The Hallowing Of Heirdom

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