Midnattsol – The Aftermath

The return of Midnattsol could not be more grandiose as beloved vocalist Liv Kristine has officially joined the band to sing next to her sister Carmen Elise, consequently the long awaited new album “The Aftermath” benefits greatly from this exquisite vocal duet.

Immediately on the album opener “The Purple Sky” you will notice that the Espenæs sisters are bound to steal the spotlight confidently layering fascinating vocals that evoke a multitude of passionate emotions while guitars and keyboards offer triumphantly heavy moments but mainly focus on the creation of graceful melodies as well as folk oriented phrases.

The mythological tale “Syns Sang” features all the familiar elements and nuances of Nordic gothic metal as intricate melodic guitars & keyboards evoke a perennial gloom and the final part of the song will stand out for the irresistible and poignant vocal delivery.

While thick darkened guitar riffs mark the beginning of the band’s interpretation of the traditional Swedish ballad “Herr Mannelig” the mood will soon become increasingly melancholic with elegantly fragile piano melodies amplified by the genuine emotional delivery of absolutely charming vocals yet the rhythmic section will often return to heavier & faster gothic tinged dynamics.

The title track features a similar blend of styles as keyboards constantly provide sumptuous arrangements to support bursts of gothic metal guitar riffing while the lush melodic guitar work and impeccable vocals evoke a mellower melancholic essence.

On “Forsaken” a melancholic mood continues to surround the whole instrumentation as delicate keyboards arrangements and gentle acoustic phrases accompany beautiful dreamy vocals until the gothic metal nuances become stronger when melodic guitars emerge with increasing fervor through the haunting atmospheres.

The short yet absolutely intense final track “Eitrdropar” focuses greatly on a pristine heartwarming vocal crescendo and darkened guitar melodies leading to a perfectly balanced mix of traditional folk flavors and emotive atmospheric grandeur.

With “The Aftermath” Midnattsol has chosen to enhance the folk elements leading to ethereal melodies which are naturally entwined with the heavier & darker gothic metal roots resulting in a pleasantly multifaceted composition.

The Aftermath

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