Hekate – Totentanz

In the neofolk scene German band Hekate certainly has acquired an elite status which will be re-confirmed with the long awaited new release “Totentanz”

A shroud of darkness descends as “The Old King” opens the album with apocalyptic atmospheric arrangements that will later evolve into a more poetic yet absolutely somber acoustic crescendo enriched by soothing vocals.

“Lost And Broken” maintains grave tonalities within impeccable acoustic guitar melodies that contribute to the creation of surreal soundscapes effortlessly enhanced by reverb and lavish atmospheric layers.

The epic atmospheres and tribal percussions of “Ascension Day” clearly channel authentic neofolk elements as acoustic passages create a sense of natural peace yet synths and narrative samples tend to amplify the apocalyptic elements of the song.

The title track becomes a nocturnal hymn with obsessively minimalist rhythmic patterns and strong gothic nuances that sinuously embrace the increasing intensity of the dramatic vocals. “Desire” feels like a medieval dance or a pagan chant as magical folk melodies take the center stage to evoke mystical and ancestral energy amplified by sumptuous atmospheres and neco-classical tones.

“Am Meere” dwells in an archaic realm where industrial synths and folk acoustic passages embrace to craft unique melodies and enigmatic atmospheres with a distinct theatrical delivery,

“Totentanz” shines for the sophisticated melodies and attention for details that fully evoke the darkest nuances of neofolk as Hekate skillfully creates an hypnotic collection of songs.

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