God Is An Astronaut – Epitaph

With a successful sixteen years career Irish instrumental band God Is An Astronaut is well known for the magical post rock creations that once again will conquer the listeners’ heart in the new work of music entitled “Epitaph”.

The feelings of grief and loss that will characterize the entire album immediately shape the cinematic mood of the title track with emotional piano melodies and ethereal atmospheric layers that introduce the impenetrable gloom of intricate instrumental motifs embracing an intriguing ensemble of fierce distorted momentum and delicate melodic guitar work.

The melodic grandeur of “Mortal Coil” certainly offers plenty of upbeat dynamics focusing on rich epic atmospheres and riffing crescendos without sacrificing the inner dramatic essence that will ultimately gain the deserved spotlight in the final intense acoustic segments.

“Seance Room” depicts an immensely melancholic sonic realm with the effortless beauty of minimalist guitar melodies surrounded by surreal atmospheres yet the instrumental passages will eventually gain powerful post rock tonalities and deliver a complex series of kaleidoscopic synths arrangements and guitar variations that often channel heavier darkened nuances.

The crepuscular soundscapes of “Oisín” close the album with the most somber & raw emotions fully expressed by hazy piano melodies constantly surrounded and dramatically enhanced by moody ethereal atmospheric arrangements that ultimately evoke peaceful yet bittersweet tonalities.

There is a world of pure melancholy and genuine emotions within the poignant instrumental phrases of “Epitaph” so get ready to get lost through the overwhelming gloom of the unique sonic maze carefully crafted by God Is An Astronaut.


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