A Perfect Circle – Eat The Elephant

We all waited patiently to listen to a new A Perfect Circle album and after fourteen years “Eat The Elephant” is here within our grasp puzzling and moving the listeners with a bold artsy manifesto, tales of impending doom and eclectic contemplative melodies.

The title track favors a very soft mood just like a ballad far from the acidic distortions of the unforgettable album “Mer De Noms” and never really picks up speed yet it does hold a darkened intensity with ambiance tonalities and bittersweet emotions expressed by Maynard’s moody vocal delivery and the impeccable monochromatic piano.  

On “The Contrarian” a dreadful atmosphere becomes gradually more palpable fueled by the gloomy splendor of guitars and the bleak beauty of keyboards that create a detailed series of darkly hypnotic melodic textures.

“The Doomed” might be the strongest song of the album featuring an undiluted emotional turmoil of rage and disappointment as we are close to a catastrophic abyss therefore charismatic guitars often follow a frenetic crunchy rhythm matched by the expected vocal intensity but there are also loads of refined melodies skillfully mixed to ethereal atmospheres that evoke surreal soundscapes.

“TalkTalk” maintains a primary emotive mood with shimmering subdued atmospheric arrangements and soothing rhythmic patterns yet several bursts of essential raw energy will fiercely emerge with waves of distorted guitars and dismal borderline enraged vocals.

Smooth atmospheric layers create cinematic moments on “By And Down The River” as Maynard’s voice becomes disillusioned and forlorn accompanied by lavish somber guitar melodies that will effortlessly embrace a wilder distorted crescendo channeling enigmatic emotions.

“Delicious” offers more luminous moments and a faint sense of hope but mainly showcases some beloved ‘90s alt-rock flavors with a fair dosage of guitar driven grooves accompanied by softer acoustic harmonies and further embellished by elegant orchestral & atmospheric segments.

“Hourglass” explores a modern electro sonic realm consequently focusing on bizarre sounds & vocal effects and atmospheric whirlwinds that inevitably lead to futuristic vibes but will eventually blend with classic piano melodies.

“Eat The Elephant” is not written for the fans as it rather represents what Maynard & Co. wanted to write, record and perform regardless of what others might think or want so it just becomes useless to over analyze these intriguing songs which in the end will always generate tumultuous reactions.
Eat The Elephant [Explicit]

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