Ails – The Unraveling

Former Bay Area avant-garde band Ludicra vocalist Laurie Shanaman and guitar player/vocalist Christy Cather have started a new intriguing music journey with the new band Ails which is now ready to debut in the underground metal scene with the tormented nuances of “The Unraveling”.

“The Echoes Waned” is definitely drenched in darkness from beginning to end as an initial guitar driven melodic momentum enhanced by clean melancholic vocals will be swiftly followed by significantly heavier old school black metal dynamics that still leave plenty of space for melodic guitars and spontaneously lead to a brief contemplative round of somber acoustic phrases.

“Mare Weighs Down” can feel even more enraged following a solid blackened rhythmic core amplified by desperate raspy growls and fiery faster blasts but never really abandons the inner dramatic melodic intensity.

The oppressing tonalities of “Bitter Past” drag the listeners through a pitchblack sonic maze where feverish guitar riffs pay homage to decades of uncompromising traditional black metal with loads of gelid faster grooves occasionally interrupted by depressing atmospheric moments.

The lengthy songs included on “The Unraveling” share an evident avant-garde approach and an anguished soul as Ails plans to leave the past behind to embark on a refreshing music endeavor.
The Unraveling


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