Immortal – Northern Chaos Gods

It’s been almost nine years since Norwegian black metal icons Immortal have released an album and their faithful acolytes have been waiting anxiously to listen to what is now finally within our grasps, the new full length “Northern Chaos Gods” is here to hit you in the face with maximum cold darkness.

The title track shows no mercy as a massive shroud of frost permeates the whole atmosphere and instrumentation generating an unstoppable vicious groove dedicated to lovers of traditional black metal with anthemic super fast guitar riffs & drums amplified by hellish growls and adorned by a slick guitar solo.

As the title suggests there is no escape on “Into Battle Ride” as the band is in fact ready for battle unleashing the signature grim nuances with every cold guitar riffing or drum blasts while there is an intense triumphant mood influencing deeply the guitar work and guiding the listeners through a gloomy wintry soundscape.

“Gates To Blashyrkh” showcases a more melodic approach slowing down the previous hectic rhythm to favor highly dramatic vibes especially expressed by the contemplative darkness of the lavish arpeggio driven momentum.

“Where Mountains Rise” begins with the sheer melancholia of sober guitar melodies and while the expected ferocious speed is momentarily put aside this track is still full of blackened raw energy fueled by steady crushing guitar riffs that often become naturally entwined with soulful harmonies.

The theatrical epic grandeur of “Mighty Ravendark” arises from an impenetrable obscure realm with another darkened yet graceful round of guitar melodies that elegantly recur throughout the song with bitter splendor swiftly followed by classic uncompromising frozen guitar riffs and ravenous growls which will repeatedly embrace the familiar blackened abyssal force of the primary rhythmic core.

Immortal has clearly chosen to explore their infamous & uncompromising roots on “Northern Chaos Gods” and as the icebound gates open you will notice that it’s not a random coincidence that the album title refers to chaos since this ex novo journey through Blashyrkh is designed to fully evoke the abyssal darkness of old school black metal.
Northern Chaos Gods

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