Witch Mountain – Witch Mountain

There has been some drastic line up changes but Portland based doom stalwarts Witch Mountain return with the new singer Kayla Dixon and renewed obscure energy in the latest self titled full length.

“Midnight” is an instant heavy hitter that clearly draws inspiration from the darkest tonalities of doom with a traditionally monolithic rhythmic ensemble keeping a steady intense groove while the guitar solo offers raw classic rock variations and Kayla’s vocals add a lovely bluesy melodic touch but the inner fierce darkness often emerges with creepy screams.

A loop of fuzzy guitar riffs create suspense and an aptly sense of impending doom on “Mechanical World” which will eventually undergo a heavily trippy rhythmic crescendo mixing slower melodic guitars and enigmatic vibes enhanced by Kayla’s enchanting voice that effortlessly floats through the mysterious rhythmic maze.

“Nighthawk” is the most challenging song on the album running for about fourteen minutes with several mind bending moments. In the beginning guitars gain the spotlight with trippy melodic grandeur swiftly followed by slow & monumental doom riffs and an overdose of hazy bluesy harmonies that intentionally channel epic vibes as well as intensely enigmatic atmospheres while Kayla’s vocal performance offers decadently darkened nuances and esoteric charisma.

Certainly on this new album Witch Mountain successfully maintains a delightful darkened mood and pays homage to the band’s strong doom roots creating a bewitching sonic experience dedicated to lovers of such genre.

 Witch Mountain

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