Pig – Risen

Mastermind and apocalyptic storyteller Raymond Watts has a long history in the electro/industrial rock scene and on the new Pig’s full length “Risen” is joined by glamorous collaborators Tim Skold (Marilyn Manson, KMFDM, Motionless In White), Ben Christo (The Sisters Of Mercy, Diamond Black), Z.Marr (Combichrist), En Esch (KMFDM) and Oumi Kapila (Filter), to craft a collection of decadent hymns for the digital age.

“The Chosen Few” offers gothic tinged atmospheres with surreal post apocalyptic vibes embedded in the electro rhythms while guitars maintain a distorted groove to support the theatrical vocals which often become rather enraged.

“Morphine Machine” feels even darker with enhanced futuristic electro layers and an irreverent vocal delivery floating through chaotic gritty guitar work and futuristic rhythmic dynamics.

“Loud, Lawless & Lost” features a slightly different scenario full of funky beats that build a steady danceable groove amplified by a wide variety of electronic layers and spiced up by the raw energy of industrial style guitar riffs.

“Truth Is Sin” relies on enigmatic soundscapes with some darker moments focusing on subtle mystical atmospheric layers, dramatic narratives and softer guitar melodies.

On “Leather Pig” the atmosphere becomes increasingly darker with creepy vocals and the feverish gothic nuances crafted by melodic guitars in the midst of a heavier industrial rhythmic core while the chorus acquires a catchy rock delivery.

The Cult Of Chaos” effortlessly blends spooky electronic effects and soothing piano melodic textures while vocals preach about apocalypse and decay and guitars tend to stay in the background keeping a groovy backbone with evident industrial and alt-rock flavors.

The extremely dramatic mood of “Ecstasy & Exorcism” closes the album with esoteric tapestries that focus almost exclusively on elegant orchestrations and darkened electronic arrangements.

With an ex novo creative force and a poetic decadence “Risen” marks a sinful resurrection for Pig and certainly will see Raymond Watts eager to perform these new songs live in the near future.

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