Acârash – In Chaos Becrowned

Norwegian occult rock band Acârash is ready to conquer the underground scene with the esoteric poetry and blackened nuances of the long awaited debut album “In Chaos Becrowned”.

“Cadaver Dei” invites you to join Acârash through a hazy sonic maze where desolate atmospheric layers introduce a blackened realm of gelid darkness made of gritty guitar riffs and low devilish vocals leading to moody melodic textures and wilder rock grooves.

Keeping all things dark as main inspiration “Shadows Roam” owes its obscure strength to the atmospheric blackened abyss where guitars shift from an archaic black metal riffing galore to the impenetrable gloom of slower paced melodies that in the song’s final moments channel a classic rock nostalgic vibe.

The title track begins with a feverish round of groovy guitar riffs and a delicious blackened aura continues to dominate every instrumental passage naturally enhanced by highly somber raucous vocals before giving way to bouncy occult rock guitar melodies and majestic faster bursts of gloomy rhythmic progressions.

Nightmares can become real and “Ashes Of The Mortal Mind” could not sound darker as deeply mournful vibes surround the lovable melodic guitar licks that often evoke a doom inspired mood and gothic splendor enhanced by the extremely grim vocal delivery and the perilous blackened grooves.

Darkness continues to descend triumphantly on “Cenotaph In Flesh” which certainly offers a fair dosage of wild hard rock dynamics but here it’s pitchblack and through melodic contemplative segments guitars inevitably gallop faster with massive gloomy vibes while growls embrace an arcane rhythmic urgency.

For a new band it’s not easy to attract a wide audience with a debut album but the spellbinding   hymns to darkness that Acârash has meticulously conjured on “In Chaos Becrowned” simply cannot be missed.
In Chaos Becrowned

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