Night Club – Scary World

For the sophomore album “Scary World” Los Angeles based electronic duo Night Club has created an exciting sonic realm where dancey grooves feel like a crazy sugar rush and dolls & bunnies become nightmarish figures hidden in the darkness flowing through this captivating dysfunctional collection of songs.

The title track has a multifaceted soul featuring contrasting scratchy electro layers and harmonious children choirs to evoke in fact the scary aspects of life as well as underlying hints of sweet hopefulness.

“Schizophrenic” is one of the most addictive tunes as Mark assembles loads of dreamy & playful beats that immediately call for a dance party and despite the super catchy chorus the electro ensemble hides a world of profound darkness.

“Blood On Your Blade” is full of crunchy dancey beats that will not go unnoticed and Emily’s sultry vocal delivery enhances the songs darkly charming mood.

“Candy Coated Suicide” is the album’s lead single and perfectly represents the bittersweet magic and psychotic wonderland that Night Club effortlessly create with a lovely overdose of addictive rhythms and wicked catchy synths.

“Imaginary Friend” is another sweet tune enriched by nostalgic ‘80s vibes flowing naturally through lovable groovy synths layers that will lead to a super shimmering yet sinister chorus.

It seems obvious that “Vampires” relies on a darker melancholy that calls for a softer rhythm yet doesn’t sacrifice the intensity of the danceable grooves.

“Survive” closes the album with bursts of frenetic borderline anxious electro waves carefully mixed with laid back yet exquisitely darkened piano melodies and Emily’s softest melancholic vocal delivery ultimately channels dramatic emotions .

Undoubtedly Night Club wants to get you moving on the dance floor without forgetting that smiling is overrated and causes wrinkles consequently “Scary World” is deliciously fun but at the same time its own outpouring energy is constantly fueled by that creepy feeling that something is eternally wrong, a mood definitely matched by the cute anti heart symbol on the album cover.
Scary World [Explicit]

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