Pelagos – Revolve

Finnish band Pelagos just started a multifaceted melancholic music journey that aims to enchant the listeners with the enigmatic nuances of the debut full length “Revolve”.

“Code” opens the album with eclectic arrangements that naturally shift from futuristic ambient style to ethereal harmonies fully embracing the soft vocal delivery yet guitars will eventually emerge through the calm atmospheres to create a smooth melodic crescendo.

The minimalist guitar melodies on “River (Proxima Centauri)” hold a primary role in the creation of serene soundscapes where luminous atmospheric arrangements and electro accents effortlessly evoke a moody emotive whirlwind.

Everything flows like in a daydream on “Aphrodite’s Shore” with the elegant rock tonalities of crispy guitars gently surrounded by intricate atmospheres that will often acquire a darker solemn energy.

The soothing atmospheres on “Sea Of Tranquillity” certainly match the song’s title as gentle guitar phrases with subtle prog rock vibes appear to be immersed in spacey electronic layers leading to cosmic relaxation.

“Muted Stars” offers delicate aesthetics as the band skillfully blends polychromatic arrangements, whispered narratives and polished guitar melodies that seem to float freely through hazy soundscapes.

Overall, far from being an average debut album “Revolve” shines for the surreal cinematic arrangements as all the music carefully composed by Pelagos seem to emerge spontaneously from a limbo between space and water.


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