Wilt – Ruin

Manitoba atmospheric black metal band Wilt spent three years working hard on the genesis of the new concept album “Ruin” inspired by Cormac McCarthy’s 2006, post-apocalyptic novel “The Road”.

On “Into The Unknown” everything is bleak and we are trapped in the longest winter as melodic guitars constantly showcase cold saddened tonalities that soon will inevitably embrace a harsher cascadian rhythm but never really leave behind the immense desolation.

“We Read The World Wrong” immediately delivers a solid round of undiluted blackened dynamics that certainly bear the influence of decades of familiar old school black metal while favoring the modern atmospheric approach with loads of impossibly gloomy guitar melodies.

“Veil Of Gold” feels utterly dramatic with a slower introspective melodic ensemble where guitars once again tend to shine concocting an extensive tormented melodic grandeur accompanied by absolutely desperate vocals.

Staying true to the darkest elements and overwhelming anguish of atmospheric black metal on “Ruin” Wilt crafts a cohesive blackened core with few melodic hints resulting in a rather deliberately depressing collection of lengthy songs.

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