The Spirit – Sounds From The Vortex

The sonic realm of The Spirit debut album “Sounds From The Vortex” is absolutely black and often hopeless as the band is eager to finally spread this collection of atmospheric blackened death anthems.

“Cosmic Fear” is fierce and enigmatic drawing inspiration from the depths of traditional black metal with its raw riffing galore and oppressive momentum yet the addition of melodic guitar work amplifies the song’s contemplative & emotional facets.

“The Clouds Of Damnation” immediately delivers a series of fast crushing rhythmic patterns again reminiscent of classic Nordic tonalities and as the drums dictate a thunderous march the whole instrumentation follows such grim mood with impeccable fluidity until a cold melancholia engulfs the profoundly somber guitar melodies.

The contemplative nature of “Illuminate The Night Sky” is clear since the very beginning as atmospheric melodies demand attention before introducing a vigorous rhythmic ensemble that revolves around massive darkened guitar work and relentless drumming.

“Fields Of The Unknown” closes the album offering another round of epic tremolo-picked segments demanding a faster asphyxiating rhythm as a total darkness takes over leaving just enough space for some genuine melodic moments.

Acolytes of the underground extreme metal scene will definitely find the mysterious aura of “Sounds From The Vortex” appealing and should continue to pay attention to the music journey of The Spirit.

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