Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats – Wasteland

The renowned brilliant talent of Kevin Starrs and what he passionately creates with Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats goes beyond any music trend or standard composition therefore we are eager to enter the dystopian world depicted through the heavy psychedelic maze of the latest opus “Wasteland”.

“Shockwave City” is groovy in a wonderful trippy fashion even if there are obscure atmospheres lingering through the acidic guitar riffs which spontaneously build heavy rock textures leading to the lysergic melodies and easily lovable fuzzy dynamics of the charming guitar solos.

“No Return” feels like a neverending trip as you stumble upon bittersweet melodic guitars before entering an increasingly darker, heavier and absolutely hypnotizing sonic realm where riffs evoke sinister tonalities confidently marching through immensely hazy atmospheres.

“Stranger Tonight” amplifies heavy rock grooves at a faster pace as guitars push on the fuzz pedal to get you all dazed while evoking delightful vintage rock tonalities that will become particularly powerful in the wild guitar solo.

The title track begins with tranquil acoustic melodies and softer emotive vocals yet you can perceive the underlying darkened mood that will later flourish with higher intensity due to intriguing waves of psychedelic distorted guitars.

The eclectic nature of the final song “Exodus” leads to a genuine blend of classic rock melodies and doom worshipping guitar progressions that follow a terrific groovy jam featuring lovely retro tonalities and a series of exciting guitar solos that will inevitably make you space out.

When it comes to Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats you can always rest assured that Kevin Starrs will proudly craft an extraordinary music experience and  “Wasteland” definitely continues to keep alive that irresistible psychedelic rock mood that we need so desperately in our life.

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