Urarv – Argentum

Norwegian avant-black metal band Urarv definitely dwells in a profoundly dark sonic realm and it is from this abyss that the latest effort “Argentum” emerges as an enigmatic entity.

“Krakekjott” instantly unleashes feverish guitar riffs that follow an increasingly punishing speed with steady fierce drum blasts inevitably creating nightmarish soundscapes matched by an insane raucous vocal delivery.

On “Aurum” nightmarish atmospheres introduce dissonant somber harmonies and vocals become howls in the darkest night foreshadowing the creepy nuances embedded in the desperately frenetic guitar riffs which are certainly inspired by old school black metal.

From beginning to end  “Sannhet” tends to favor fast & grim rhythmic dynamics as we are still stuck in a realm of undiluted darkness but the palpable ferocity often leaves space for melodic yet uneasy moments.

“Soloppgang” begins with a surreal sense of serenity expressed by graceful  arpeggios but it’s just a matter of occasional calm segments that eventually will be almost erased by bursts of chaotic fury offered by relentless blackened guitar riffs and diabolical growls.

Once again Urarv demonstrates to have a unique creative force that naturally leads to the monumental blackened force and the unsettling mood of “Argentum” which, despite being a mini album, stands out as one of the most avant-garde releases of the year.

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