Failure – In The Future Your body Will Be The Furthest Thing From Your Mind

Influential alternative rock trio Failure is ready to embark on a personal music journey with the fifth studio album entitled “In The Future Your body Will Be The Furthest Thing From Your Mind”.

Despite the consistent fun upbeats “Dark Speed” has a bittersweet mood fully expressed by the psychedelic accents embedded in the guitar work that also doesn’t leave behind softer melodies.

“Solar Eyes” is almost gritty and definitely spacey with irresistible acidic guitar tones following an easy melancholic pace enhanced by a soft vocal delivery and a smooth melodic guitar solo until the throbbing alt rock grooves become more dominant.

There is a darkened emotive atmosphere on “Found A Way” while the fuzzy guitar passages are responsible for the energetic catchy momentum matched by the bright chorus.

On “Distorted Fields” guitars acquire a crunchy distortion, as the title might suggest, and such moody tonalities render the instrumental sections less predictable without sacrificing the impactful rhythmic core featuring bolder bass lines and the recurring spaced out melodies.

The approachable melodic nature of “Heavy And Blind” is immediately palpable with a series of mellow guitar phrases and heartfelt vocals that lead to kaleidoscopic atmospheric & rhythmic progressions.

“Apocalypse Blooms” features another spacey sonic ride that convey a dreamy mood and shoegaze accents so atmospheric arrangements hold a crucial role gently surrounding the warm guitar melodies.

“Force Fed Rainbow” is another highlight on this album blending minimalist guitar melodies and edgy tonalities with the right dosage of serene atmospheric layers flowing through introspective rhythmic crescendos.

“The Pineal Electorate” has a more intricate approach featuring timeless classic rock vibes and peaceful piano melodies but at the same time compelling fuzzy guitar soloing and eclectic refined arrangements might make you space out.

Besides the fact that “In The Future Your body Will Be The Furthest Thing From Your Mind” probably wins for most original album title of the year what stands out is how the spacey tonalities spontaneously entwine with psychedelic vibes as Failure here offers a sincerely emotional sonic experience.

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