Glacial Tomb – Glacial Tomb

Fronted by Ben Hutcherson of Khemmis, Glacial Tomb are still fairly new to the underground metal scene yet their new self titled full length showcases mature songwriting and an intriguing sludge/extreme metal style.

We can probably say that “Monolithos” is aptly full of monolithic doom oriented elements as guitars fiercely concoct crushing riffing as well as loads of mournful melodies yet there are diverse style choices on this track that will lead to obscure tonalities and merciless rhythmic sections obviously amplified by the hellish growls.

On “Breath Of Pestilence” a primordial force fuels the tight guitar riffing rampage and the relentless drum blasts until mighty waves of doom tonalities and funereal guitar melodies begin to convey an ominous mood successfully matched by ferocious growls.

Doom inspired guitar melodies become very prominent on “Drowned” leading to a claustrophobic atmosphere as the rhythmic core bounces from brief uncompromising fast segments to unsettling darkened grooves following slightly slower yet immensely heavy dynamics.

“Shackled To The Burning Earth” features monumental guitar riffs full of steady ominous vibes that ultimately craft a series of intense rhythmic crescendos spontaneously enhanced by belligerent drum blasts while the lead guitar work will effortlessly take the spotlight with enigmatic tonalities and edgy technical phrases.

Undoubtedly on this eponymous album Glacial Tomb can sound quite aggressive delivering a cohesive sonic assault that will demand your attention and following an energetic creative force they often go beyond the standard death or doom metal categorization.

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